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Amity School , Bharuch , follows the philosophy – ‘ Friendship and brotherhood sees no border’.Nepal, a multi-ethnic country of South Asia ; an integral part of the broader cultural and traditional heritage of the Indian sub continent , shares a special closeness and similarity in socio – cultural and economic values , with one of its close brothers , India. The people of both the countries enjoy a special relation.A team of 41 teachers and administrators of different schools visited India, more so , the state of Gujarat , to gain a learning experience and training in innovative teaching techniques.Amity School got the rare opportunity to enlighten these Nepali educationists in the use of technology to make the teaching learning process more effective and modernized.

The team reached Amity Educational Campus on 29thJuly ,’16 in the evening , whereby they were warmly welcomed according to Indian traditions. Next , the educators of Amity gave live demonstrations of effective classroom teaching techniques to their neighboring counterparts. It was followed by a visit of the school campus , rendering a first hand experience  and exchange of ideas between the Academics. A colourful cultural tableau displayed the glimpses of classical and folk dance forms of India , Nepali song , talk by the educators of Nepal and finally the traditional Garba. The educo- cultural bond was so strongly established that it was an emotional moment to bid them goodbye.This Indo – Nepalese Educators’ Summit at the Amity Educational Campus , served as a platform to open a new chapter of cross border brotherhood , harmony and friendship.

ZUMBA Workshop for Students and Parents

Amity School, Bharuch

ZUMBA Workshop for Students and Parents

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                       Dt. 7th July, 2016

We always try to imbibe academic excellence and co-scholastic values through various programs in our school. We are very happy to announce one such program on physical fitness of our students and parents. This will be a ZUMBA Workshop, which is a dance based exercise form that seems more like a dance party than a workout. This form of workout combines all elements of fitness like cardio, conditioning balance, flexibility, energy booster, along with that, there is a feeling of exhilaration and amazement once one leaves the session. A person burns approx 600 calories per hour, increases self esteem, reduces stress, builds endurance and co-ordination, strengthens lungs and heart, and tones the muscle. All of this will be done in the form of a dance without feeling the pain of a workout.

The workshop is of 2 days and for 1 hour 15 minute session, which will include dance and fitness for 45 to 60 minutes and a short break for freshening up. Participants will also be given information about the importance of the exercise and the necessity of fitness in today’s life.

This workshop is being conducted by a Delhi based fitness instructor, Ms. Sanjana Mehta, who is a licensed Zumba Trainer. She has been a student of Shiamak Davar and also worked with him as a Business Development Professional. She has now branched out on her own and as a part of her endeavor to introduce more people to this wonderful form of fitness training. To give a chance to train in this form of workout to ours students and parents, we are having a workshop in our school.

Date      : 30th July & 31st July – 2016

Venue  : Amity School, Dahej Bypass Road, Bharuch.

Cost     : Rs. 250/- (per participant)

Time will be informed to the participants after registration.

Kindly fill in the consent form given below and send it to the class teacher along with the fees by 09th July, 2016. We are sure that you and your ward will like to take advantage of this unique form of fitness training.                                                                                                               – Principal

———————————————————————— Cut it from here and return it to the class teacher —————————————————————————


To,                                                                                                                                           Dt. ___________

The Class Teacher, Std. _______

Amity School, (CBSE / GSEB / G.M.)  Bharuch.

Subject :  Participation in ZUMBA Workshop.

Respected Sir / Teacher,

We have received your letter dated 07/07/2016 regarding participation in ZUMBA Workshop. We *will participate / *won’t participate in the workshop. (*strike out whatever is not applicable)

Student’s Name ____________________________________ Std. _____ Div. _____ Sec. (CBSE/GSEB/G.M.)

The following members from our family will participate.

(1) Name of participant _____________________________  Mob. _________________ Sign. __________

(2) Name of participant _____________________________  Mob. _________________ Sign. __________

(3) Name of participant _____________________________  Mob. _________________ Sign. __________

We are sending ___________ rupees fees for ZUMBA Workshop. Total participants are _____.

(3500, 07-2016)

Playgroup Parents Orientation

An orientation programme is initiated to make the parents aware about the working style and the principles of the school.  As per  the trait of Amity the programme was to start at 9 am on 18th June, 2016 in the Seminar  Hall and it punctually started.  Out of nearly ninety parents only 14 expressed their inability to attend the same, due to prior engagement, we hope to see these parents in our next meeting.  This would enable them to understand the working of the school, the teaching pattern, and the homely atmosphere that we create in the school for the child.  The teachers were there at the entrance to guide the parents to the Seminar Hall.

Play group teacher Mrs. Supriya Srivastav welcomed all the parents,   mentors Mrs. Sheetal, Mrs. Bhavana, and Mrs. Karishma rendered a prayer to start off the programme. in her speech,  Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur, Headmistress of Amity Play Centre, welcomed the parents and also informed them of the rules and regulations that were followed by the school for the betterment of the children.   Prin. Darpana Patil (GBEM) spoke to the parents about the advantages of the Primary Plus Magazine, she also stressed on the effectiveness of the worksheet, and why completing it and sending it to the school on time will be an added advantage.

Mr. Prakash Mehta – Director,  Amity Educational Campus, highlighted the points of traffic safety rules, he stressed the need of psychological bond between  parents and children and the requirement of Joint family pattern.  Mrs. Pramesh Mehta, Principal Trustee of Amity Educational Campus, gave her best  wishes to  all and congratulated them on becoming a part of Amity Parivaar.

Safety Awareness Programme by NDRF

Often natural disasters  and calamities cause huge loss of life, mostly it is due to the fact that disaster management or precautions to be taken are not known to many.  Our country unfortunately has faced many Natural  and Industrial disasters and huge life loss and destruction has happened.  The “National Disaster Response Force” often conducts public awareness programmes which would be helpful to people young & old to save themselves and also to assist others during these times of trouble.  Bharuch District Disaster Management Committee Project Offricer  Mr .  Bhavesh  Gohil and Bharuch  Mamlatdar Mr N R Prajapati organized a programme on 18/6/16 at our school, for parents, students and teachers for “ Safety and Awareness”.   NDRF Inspector Mr. Rajiv Kumar and his 15 valiant team members instructed and showed ways and means which included  making on the spot equipments to be used to save lives during floods.  They also showed how one maintain safety even during earthquakes.   They showed  how one should evacuate in case buildings collapse during such earthquakes.  They also demonstrated the use of modern equipment s the NDRF members use to rescue people trapped in such circumstances.

A video  was shown about   precautions to be taken and first aid to be given in case of accidents or snake bites.  The children came to know which snakes were poisonous and which non poisonous this created awareness amongst them about how the snake is useful too for life cycle.  This programme eliminated many confusions and myths and also boosted consciousness and safety measures in the minds of all.

The members of NDRF also showed how to ascend and descend from multi storied building during calamaties.  This was demonstrated by bringing an injured person on a stretcher from the 4th floor of the school building with the use of ropes. This was done so effortlessly that the students clapped and applauded the team members enthusiastically.

Another feat performed by them was descending from the 4th storey of the school building whilst upholding the Indian Tricolour, this really renewed the patriotic fervor in all and the all started chanting “ Bharat Mata Ki  Jay.

These programmes not only create awareness amongst the children during such times but also instills in them the fervor to do much  for the nation.

31st Foundation Day Celebrations

3 decades earlier on 11th June, 1986, Amity School was started by educators who wished to provide to children education beyond the four walls of the classroom and not only to impart education but to create curiosity in the child’s mind to self express.     On 11th June 2016, we entered our 31st year of service to society through education.  At Amity we imbibe life values which enhance the emotional quotient of the child, so as to promote good societal and cultural values in its children along with providing them a good academic base.    Keeping this in  view, the activities are conducted with the aim towards improvement of National Problems.

Academic year 2015-16 was celebrated as the “Save Joint family “.  The aim was to enlighten the society about the advantages of living together in a family, sharing responsibilities and also caring and nurturing the life skills.  Teachers, students, parents and well wishers of the school, penned down their feelings to this very burning topic faced by society.  All these articles were collected and published as a part of the school Magazine “ Maitri Setu” , which serves as a mouthpiece of the school in society.

Dr. Kiran Shinglot, renowned Pediatrician   and Social Worker  ( Vadodra) , unveiled this special issue of Maitri Setu No 66.  Throughout the day, Dr. Shinglot interacted with the teachers, and students of Amity School.  His first session was with the parents of the Amity Play Centre in the morning on the topic “ Let us Know our child”.  He advised the parents to be involved in “Emotional Parenting” rather than “Biological Parenting”.  He informed them techniques to be followed for emotional parenting.  His next session was with the teachers wherein he counseled them on the topic ” Training young minds””.  He emphasized that one can never train a child they are pressurized  or their thinking and innovativeness curbed.

His next session was in the evening with the parents of Std VI to VIII, where he unveiled the special issue of Maitri Setu.  Here he vocated and promoted different ways through which in today’s changing times the family system could be sustained and nurtured, for the betterment of society and the child.

The students who brought glory to the school with their excellent academic performance in the X and XII Board examinations, were felicated in this function amidst the huge crowd of parents, well wishers and students.

A book      “ Shaswat Sukh Nu Sarnamu:  Samvadi Sambandho”     written by Mr. Ranchhodbhai Shah ( Managing Trustee- Amity Education Campus), was unveiled on this occasion.  He has been the guiding spirit behind the “Save Joint Family Campaign”.  The book was unveiled by Dr. Ashwin  Kapadia (  Ex VC Veer Narmad Dakshin Gujarat University. Surat).  He has been a well wisher and supporter of the school right from its inception.  He wished the school the best in its ventures in the field of education and shared that he was pleased to see the success journey of Amity.

Amity aims to promote good reading habits in all and hence a book “ Prerna Nu Zarnu” written by Dr. Jitendra Adhiya was gifted to all teaching and non teaching staff.  The Gujarati Hindi & English Editions of the book were given to all Well wishers of the school as well.

Republic Day Celebration – 2016

“click for photos”

The 67th Republic Day was celebrated with all its solemnity and grandeur at
Amity Educational Campus on the 26th of January, 2016. Dr. Harshad Patel, Editor
the Aditya Kiran Magazine, Ahmedabad, was the chief guest for the occasion, who
did the honours of unfurling the tricolor. The students saluted the national flag and
pledged themselves to hold the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is
“India”. The day’s celebration centered around spectacular parade shows with the
school band and Kaleidoscope of mass drills, rejoicing in festivity, the power of young
Later, Mr. Ranchhod Shah; Managing Trustee, addressed the students, telling
that the day is the symbol of true spirit of Independent India. The grand event brought
all the energetic Amitians together at one place and made them think unified. The
Principal Trustee, Mrs. Prameshben Mehta, felicitated the educators on the campus
of Amity, who have rendered 15 years of dedicated service to the institution.
Dr. Harshad Patel in his occasional speech, urged the students to do their best and
feel proud to be Indians. The school also took the opportunity to appreciate some of
its young achievers, through the hands of Mr. Prakash Mehta, Principal, GSEB, who
have distinguished themselves at different situations and took the banners of the
school high. The day also noticed the ceremonial unveiling of two books, “Parkar
Karo Sakaar” about meeting the challenges to emerge victorious and “Sharir Nu
Sargum”, about the philosophy of synchronized organization of body. The program
concluded with the words of Mrs. Reena Tiwary, Principal, CBSE, bringing hope for
the fresh, meaningful minds, in developing new India. The Amitians dispersed, with
the image of the fluttering tricolor in their minds.