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Team Amity

The Core Team

Mr. R.M. Shah :

Managing Trustee,
Master in Education, M S University, Baroda
Ex Educational Ambassador (Govt. of India) to Tanzania, East AfricaA prominent educationist and founder of the Amity Group of Institutions as well as several other institutions in the region. A visionary who dares to dream, and pursue the dreams till fulfillment and beyond. Amity cherishes his vast treasure of Educational & Administrative experience of over 40 years. His vibrant spirit is Amity’s propelling force….

Mr. JD Panchal :

Trustee & Co Founder, Amity Educational Complex,A highly resourceful team member with excellent social contacts with over 20 years of experience in Education. A reckoned name in the Construction arena of Gujarat. A driving force behind Amity’s speedy expansion.

Mrs. Pramesh Mehta :

Principal Trustee,Amity’s own Madam Montessorie who’s personality itself spells affection & care. She has worked for Kindergarten education over past 40 years and has touched the hearts of tiny toddlers with her warm ways. A lean frame that makes a strong pillar that Amity rests on…

Mrs. Sangeeta Shah :

Co Founder,An ever smiling warm person who nurtured Amity Play House in its initial days with her love and dedicated hard work.

Mr. Pravin Raj :

Manager Administration, Amity Educational Complex.An icon of efficiency that ensures Amity’s smooth run be it Accounting & Finance or Information Technology. The Mr. Dependable whom Amity counts on…

Mr. Prakash Mehta :

Principal,Master of Science (Mathematics), S.P.University, Vallabh Vidya Nagar
Bachelor of Education, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
Over 15 years of experience in teaching as well as administration. A dynamic multitasker looking after Academics, Administration and Development in Amity Educational Complex. A dedicated individual with a capacity of turning all opportunities into successful endeavors.

Mr. Bipin Bavanbadshah :

HoD, Amity H.S. School (EM)Master of Science (Chemistry), South Gujarat University, Surat
Bachelor of Education, MS University, Baroda
His name is synonymous to science in Amity. He has been instrumental in developing a scientific temperament in young amitians for years as a Science teacher. Has led several Amitian teams to National & International Science Events. His search for young Newtons and Einstiens still goes on…

Our Associates & Wellwishers

Dr. Ramesh Kothari :

Dean Faculty of Education and Psychology,
M.S. University,

Dr. Bhadrayu Vachhrajani :

Staff Academic College,
Saurashtra University

Mr. Utpal Shah :

Chartered Accountant
Utpal Shah & Associates,

Dr. Reena Shah :

MD Radiology
Maitri Clinic,

Mr. Darshan Mehta :

BE Computer Science
Acute Electronics

Mrs. Trupti Allmoula :

Lecturer,Narmada College of Management

Dr. Abhay Shah :

MD Pathology
Vraj Path Lab

Saurabh shah :

Project Manager
Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy
Phone: (732) 735-5746