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Playgroup Parents Orientation

An orientation programme is initiated to make the parents aware about the working style and the principles of the school.  As per  the trait of Amity the programme was to start at 9 am on 18th June, 2016 in the Seminar  Hall and it punctually started.  Out of nearly ninety parents only 14 expressed their inability to attend the same, due to prior engagement, we hope to see these parents in our next meeting.  This would enable them to understand the working of the school, the teaching pattern, and the homely atmosphere that we create in the school for the child.  The teachers were there at the entrance to guide the parents to the Seminar Hall.

Play group teacher Mrs. Supriya Srivastav welcomed all the parents,   mentors Mrs. Sheetal, Mrs. Bhavana, and Mrs. Karishma rendered a prayer to start off the programme. in her speech,  Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur, Headmistress of Amity Play Centre, welcomed the parents and also informed them of the rules and regulations that were followed by the school for the betterment of the children.   Prin. Darpana Patil (GBEM) spoke to the parents about the advantages of the Primary Plus Magazine, she also stressed on the effectiveness of the worksheet, and why completing it and sending it to the school on time will be an added advantage.

Mr. Prakash Mehta – Director,  Amity Educational Campus, highlighted the points of traffic safety rules, he stressed the need of psychological bond between  parents and children and the requirement of Joint family pattern.  Mrs. Pramesh Mehta, Principal Trustee of Amity Educational Campus, gave her best  wishes to  all and congratulated them on becoming a part of Amity Parivaar.